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Engineering Consulting and CAD Layout


MillPack offers CAD services and engineering consulting for the design of multi-chip modules, hybrids, custom semiconductor packaging and printed circuit boards.


Schematic capture, substrate layout and mechanical drafting

Design feasibility study / board density, electrical and mechanical constraints

Reverse engineering from board samples, Gerber files and other data

Layer stack and dielectric definition for controlled impedance design

Matched length, well balanced differential pair routing

Knowledge of MIL standards and IPC standards as applicable, as well as FCC, UL, CE

RoHS & Lead-free compliant design

Blind, buried and stacked vias, laser microvias down to 3 mil diameters

Embedded capacitors, inductors and thick-film printed resistors

Signal Integrity, Power Integrity and Heat Managemant

EMI / RFI shielding for cellular and WiFi circuitry used on computers and routers

Mixed signal, high-speed and sensitive A/D circuitry used on MRI controller boards

Power MOSFET circuits on aluminum clad substrates for motor and SMPS applications

Power RF / microwave circuits up to 15 GHz on LTCC for space and military use

High current density and high voltage circuits

Hybrids and Multi-chip Modules for engine control applications

Chip carriers, Chip-scale packaging and stacked-chip packaging

Single and multi-chip BGA, PGA and LGA designs on organic and ceramic substrates

FR4 printed circuits, Flex and Rigid-flex, Polyimide, BT

Ceramics: LTCC, HTCC, alumina, Aluminum Nitride

Thick-film circuits including DuPont Fodel

Substrates with Kovar ring and seal lid, brazed pins, cavities and lead frames




We have selected a handful of packages that are capable of delivering fast and precise results.






We accept inputs in a variety of electronic formats, even hand written. We stay in touch throughout the entire project cycle to ensure customers are up-to-date and comfortable with our progress, so we can deliver what they expect, when they expect.




Partnership with ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturers provide the best integration design/manufacturing.

Real-time interaction between customer, designer and manufacturer is imperative.



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